Designing the Future

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space 


Looking for a trustworthy architecture studio to fulfill your design dreams ?

We are a team of versatile, highly-experienced and innovative architect engineers who are always seeking our next exciting challenge.
We are lucky to do what we love, and we do it with passion!
Although our capabilities are informed by a combined 30 years of experience, we strive for innovation and fresh ideas.
We thrive by continually observing new trends and keeping up with the latest developments in architectural design.


Always finding new innovative ideas to
make every project stand out with a
unique identity


Expand our work and project variety more
and colaborate with different type of clients
and business plans


We believe in collaboration and
interaction with our clients, both parties
must always be consistent and
precipitate a climate of trust

What we Do

From concept to reality

Providing expert knowledge, setting objectives and identifying
deliverables leads to efficient planning. Dealing with public services and acquiring the necessary permissions. Designing bespoke spaces to make each project unique with its own signature on the market.

Recent Projects


Luxembourg Hotel

Thessaloniki, Komninon 6


Dermomedica Medical Clinic

Thessaloniki, Karamanli 60


Sunshine Sarti Hotel

Chalkidiki, Sarti